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We know it’s tempting, but here’s why you should never buy pointe shoes online

In our new world of all things digital, it’s so easy to buy online, isn’t it? With companies like Amazon and Asos offering everything from tutus to tiaras, buying at the click of a button is easy, quick, and often cheap. We can understand therefore, the temptation that might come when it’s time to buy pointe shoes. There are countless retailers who offer your dream shoes for sale, and often at seemingly bargain basement prices. However, they do come at a cost, and we are here to implore you not to buy these precious tools online. Here’s why:


Let’s start with the obvious one. We’ve all been there – you buy a dress online, only for it to arrive and be the wrong size, the wrong cut, or just plain uncomfortable. With pointe shoes, you can expect the same, but often you might not realise until it’s too late. It’s only when you start to put them through their paces in the studio, that you will start to feel the pinching and rubbing that comes from an ill fitting pair of pointe shoes. Dancing en pointe is a big enough challenge on its own, you don’t need to add pain from bad pointe shoes into the mix too!


You might not know this, but ill fitting pointe shoes can be more than just uncomfortable, they can even be dangerous. If the shoes in question are not the right match for your feet, they could cause nerve damage, sprained ankles, and much more. There are many tiny bones in our feet, that all work together to keep us moving, and they are extremely precious! In the worst case, injuries caused could even be irreversible. Whilst dance teachers at Sue Hill Dance will always immediately flag any potential risks to injury when they see it in their classes, this will at the very least mean a new set of pointe shoes…and more cost to boot.


As dancers, we love to be looking our best, don’t we? From getting the perfect line on our arabesque, to holding our form on a jete, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing your technique will look good on stage. Well, because everyone’s feet are different, we all suit different shoes as well. One person might have a higher arch, or might need a more supportive type of shoe to look their best when they’re dancing. That extra time will help you to look your absolute best, be that for an exam, a show, or just for your own pleasure.


When you get your pointe shoes fitted, every aspect of your foot and dancing is considered when choosing the brand, width, and size of shoe that is best for you. Because of that, together with the thorough training you will receive in class, the shoe will work as it is intended. This results in shoes that last longer, and need replacing less often as a result.

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